Embed Youtube video
1. Youtube embed - what is Youtube embedding (or embedding)?
Embed (embed, or inserted) Youtube (Youtube Embed) means, you can place your or others' Youtube video links on your own websites, wapsite, blogs, apps ... or pages. other social media. Therefore, viewers can watch and insert videos directly from website, wapsite, blog, apps ... instead of visiting youtube.
2. Benefits of Video Owner on Youtube when allowing Youtube Video insertion?
  • Only YouTube and video owners will earn revenue from ads on insertion videos; owner of website, wapsite, blog, apps with video inserted will not get revenue share. You can track earnings for videos inserted in AdSense just like you would with earning videos on Youtube.com.
  • Make increase your video views , increase the popularity of your video . Also, inserting your Youtube video helps reach more people than the audience available on Youtube.
3. Why is LaguSpeed.Com inserting Youtube video?
Religion respects and fosters the development of the YouTube community of creators, viewers, content rights holders and advertisers. important to us (LaguSpeed.Com). Youtube has provided an application programming interface (YouTube API) to allow developers (like us - LaguSpeed.Com) to create an experience that adds value to the YouTube ecosystem and its users. Our implementation will always try to adhere to Youtube API Usage Agreement as well as YouTube Usage Agreement of YouTube and respect ownership of the youtube content owner.
If has an undesirable impact on Youtube, or on the content owner or viewers, we will always try to make adjustments in every way to ensure a healthy and transparent development. White of us as well as the community.
  • LaguSpeed.Com complies with the Youtube Usage Agreement dated December 10, 2019 (Terms of Service on 10 December, 2019).

    1. The term Permissions and Restrictions (item b, section 10), allows Youtube users to play Videos through an embeddable YouTube player as long as they comply with Youtube Terms of Use above.

      Application: LaguSpeed.Com, as well as users of the social network LaguSpeed.Com, have the right to embed youtube Videos on the LaguSpeed.Com Website and application through an embeddable YouTube player. And LaguSpeed.Com must ensure all Embedded Videos contain no advertising, only for personal & non-commercial, purpose.

    2. The Your Content and Conduct / License to Other Users term allows to give permission to each other user by video owner The Service's rights apply globally, non-exclusive, royalty-free to access your Content through the Service and to use such Content, including the right to reproduce, redistribute , prepare derivative works of, display and perform such Content, only when the Service's feature permits (such as allowing other users to playback or reassemble video ).

      Apply: The owner of the youtube video is the one who proactively authorizes the embed for all global youtube users as well as LaguSpeed.Com or LaguSpeed.Com's users. If you are the owner of a Youtube video that is being embed on LaguSpeed.Com, it means you have installed it to grant embedding permission to us and our users. If you change your mind, you can consult part II to restrict these rights.

  • LaguSpeed.Com also complies with the entire terms of the Youtube API Usage Agreement (YouTube API Services Terms of Service). In which, the Youtube API is the application programming interface of Youtube which can be used by application developers (Developers) to ensure that users can easily experience Video in accordance with Youtube standards..

    Apply: LaguSpeed.Com has used and complied with the Youtube API usage agreement to help users of LaguSpeed.Com easily attach, embed and play embed videos on LaguSpeed.Com website and application in accordance with Youtube deal.
I am the owner of the Youtube channel. How do I manage other websites that insert my videos?

You can disable or restrict embed / insert / embed for your video by setting a rule for the video like this:

4. Turn off inserting for your video
Very simple, just go to and follow these steps Youtube Creator Studio / Select Video / Select advanced settings and disable the "Allow Embedding" setting

For details of the steps, see Youtube's instructions at Here
5. I just want to limit LaguSpeed.Com or a specific website that inserts my video
To do this, you'll need to have an authorized YouTube account, which is only available to partners using YouTube's Content ID matching system. You just need to go to your Youtube video manager, follow the specific steps of Youtube now here.
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